Sunday, November 1, 2009




Serrelynda's Enchantment: Jewelry of oxidized metals and fascinating vintage findsI have been "playing" with jewelry design for over 12 years, and also collecting vintage materials. I have been perfecting my techniques, and I have finally reached a point where I am confident enough to share my creations with the world. ETSY has been the perfect venue for me, and I am thankful that I found it! I am continually awed by the talent of other artisans here and it makes me strive harder to be even better. My goal is to learn lost wax casting and take metal smithing classes so I can make my own components. I design my necklaces so that the pendants stay centered, bracelets are tested for comfort and "wearablity". The way I design my bracelets makes them easy to get on and off by yourself on either wrist, and also to stay centered. I am always on the hunt for interesting vintage findings, buttons and beads, as well as unusual new materials. I make very limited quatities of each design. I use a drill press to make holes in some items, and I also do some of my own heat oxidation which gives certain materials an aged patina.

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